Khiplus is an Information Technology Company with a proud 30-years heritage in providing engineering and counselling services. Khiplus ambition is to serve you with design and implementation of ad hoc solutions that improve your core business efficiency.

One of Khiplus key project management findings is that a successful Information System design requires first a very good understanding of client’s core business processes. This essential and basic prerequisite is often disregarded in favour of generic methods with standard products, which are unable to provide the flexibility and the adaptability required by your core business background. To guarantee efficient deliveries Khiplus adopts an opposite approach by building up customer centred solutions, based on his business strategic data.

Our innovative projects highlight the ability of setting up necessary partnerships which rely on both a strong implication of customer management team and Khiplus highly skilled experts able to implement cutting-edge technology and to understand customer core business.

Acting since the very beginning as a trusted partner of national institutions and major international companies, Khiplus is broadly recognised as a leading authority in master data management and business knowledge database.